Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day after convention

Oh My Gosh I am so EXCITED but oh so TIRED, its 7.30am Sunday May 3rd 2009 and I'm ready to go back to bed, BUT I can't because I have a brunch to go to to meet all the lovely ladies that went to Convention and rub shoulders with ones that won awards WOOHOO  and congratulations to you all, I had goosebumps just watching you all walk across stage in your dazzling outfits.

Unfortunately I did not take photos of the awards night because that auditorium did not agree with my camera taking photos in there, I hope I can find a blog that has awards photos, if you see one let me know and I'll put a link up here to it.

Ok I took soo many photos on day 2. If I didn't have to go to brunch I'd have them up there before lunch time but lunch beckons so I will give up my kindy nap this afternoon and put it all up here, I promise you it will be more than 5 pages this time. come on back this evening and catch the goss of CONVENTION CANBERRA 2009


2010 will be held in Sydney Australia

and did you know that you can attend even if you aren't a 
Stampin'Up demonstrator but only if there are seats left!
I was really impressed that the New Zealanders came over, 
it's a damn long way to swim across the pond

Incentive trip will be held on Hamilton Island
btw this is where the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD is.
There's a promotion happening there that I've been following
advertising for a job for 6 months to look after the island and blog and 
upload pictures and feed this fish etc.
Whoever gets the job which will be announced very soon will be paid
$150,000 for 6 months and basically promote the heck out of the island.
So I say what a better place to have our incentive trip and it
coinciding with the Best job in the world.
So log onto that blog and receive updates on this great island
p.s. I have nothing to do with this job but Hamilton island has always
fascinated me as it's one heck of an expensive place to go to
for a holiday at least for me.

................ok off to get ready for brunch and more catch up and more pictures to take

.............coming up in less than 12 hours (because I'm so excited to relive the experience) Day 2 of convention

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