Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Convention Downunder 1-2 May 2009

This will be my first Stampin' Up Convention I am attending this weekend, I can't wait! It is being held right here in Canberra my current home city.

There is so much excitement with all the convention attendees it's not funny. I attended Regionals in Melbourne last year and was totally enthralled and I know if that was anything to go by that convention will be even better.

Canberra is not a big city, unlike Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, we only have around 350,000 residents and it's a privilege to have it here.

I have been crafting madly to try and make my goal of 200 swaps cards, I am only up to 88 as of yesterday LOL, do you think I can make it?

So I will be reporting about convention on Friday so come back and drool to your hears content, I will be taking my camera and taking pictures of everything I can.

Have a great day!!! 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Stampin' Up Blog tour begins

Well the tour is here, make yourself a cuppa and keep the kettle boiling because you're going on a vicarious world trip (well continental USA at least) on a tour never been done before.

54 Stampin' Up demonstrators have gotten together to bring you this awesome journey of items made solely with SU products and show casing the Occasions Mini catalogue just released in the US.

If you're in Australia never fear, some or most of the products that get released in the US get introduced downunder so take it all in and get ideas and drool over these magnificent pieces of creative work.

Some blogs will have blog candy so be sure you visit all and follow the instructions ton how to win.  Then come on back on May 15th as I will be participating in this tour that will show case the Ideas Book and Catalogue with my items and I will have blog candy for you to win.

Each blog will give you a link to another blog and the links will stay up for 24 hours and they will then be taken down. I will leave the links here on my blog so you can come back to it later and visit.

Tour 1

Tour 2

Tour 4

Tour 5, 6 and 7 coming up on May 15th
Enjoy your trip!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

April 27th SU Blog Tour

Its the first ever in the history of Stampin' Up! (well, at least that I know of), and you have a free ticket.

Mark April 27th on your calendars! (or sign into my blog updates to get an email automatically when I update my blog). That's the date when you can hop onto the blogs of three USA Stampin'Up demonstrators to see more examples of projects made with the Occasions Mini Catalog (USA). 

Tour 1, Tour 2, Tour 4

(links won't be released until April 27th)

But wait, there's more.

After you browse through the examples, you'll find a link to the next blog and the next and so on until you have come across 20 blogs! Some blogs will be giving away blog candy YES YOU CAN WIN SOMETHING JUST BY BLOG HOPPING or BLURFING. There are 3 tours running that are seperate to each other so in all there are 60 blogs to BLURF.

So why am I telling you about this when I am an Australian Demonstrator? It's because I am on another tour starting May 15 and as you all know all or some of the US items come downunder so what better way to see them in advance.

Pack your bags on April 27th! You're going to love the trip, and you won't even have to leave your couch (or your dining table like me so I'll have to hire a cook for the day - (oh thats me).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ESAD-SU Daylight saving Cyberstamp

Well with daylight saving happening last Sunday, Leonie from ESAD-SU had a brainwave and roped us into using our extra hour to craft and gave us  a million tasks to do, of course she didn't twist our arms too much, we seemed to have twisted ourselves into it.

Pop on over to my other website and read something funny about daylight saving.

I think of the tasks was to do an easte
r basket so I CASEed this one from  Tammy Fitedon't you think its gorgeous!!

So while I was at it I wrote a tutorial and he
re it is:

For those of you who use the imperial measuring system, here is an online conversion site I use to convert Metric to Imperial and vice versa.

Cut white cardstock 13.5cm x 21cm you can 
get 2 out of one 21cm x 29cm cardstock

Score at 4.5cm and 9cm

Score at 4.5cm and 1

Cut using your scalpel and craft knife or scissors if you can cut straight, as per the picture below

Attach 2 sticky strips to the middle flap on the inside, I use sticky strip because it’s stronger; because the DSP is corrugated you will need a stronger adhesive. Remember you are putting eggs into this basket so it needs to be strong.

Cut a strip of 2.5cm DSP and run through your crimper 

Here’s a tip I got from someone online, can’t remember who. Place a strip of double sided tape onto a piece of scrap and stick the red back lining of the sticky strip to it as you peel them off, they become static when you remove them from the sticky bit.

Add your piece of corrugated Designer Series Paper to the sticky strips and put some double sided tape to the two flaps and close them up to form the box

Using (105090) Word Window Punch cut out 35 pieces in varying colours, I used Ballet Blue (9), Pretty in Pink (8),  Glorious Green (9), Barely Banana (9), and attach it to the sides with your snail adhesive 

Cut narrow strips of Designer Series Paper or cardstock and run them through the crimper, add them to the bottom of your basket to resemble straw, place your eggs on top.

Well of course because I didn't want to be disturbed I had to cook a big meal and some cakes to get me through the weekend as hubby was away fishing and cooking is a major distraction. So I cooked up this huge pot of vegetable soup with some pork bones in it YUMMY
(apologies for the crappy photo I don't know what happens to it at the bottom)
Then I baked some Orange and Poppy Seed cake from a packet, and for those of you who know me I don't bake so I needed to prove that I really baked them, just don't stand in front of the stove to take the picture with your legs in it lol
Cooling the cakes down

Cakes all frosted
Some bought treats for those inbetween moments of indulgence
Of course I didn't eat them all, I invited all my cyber friends to share in it, (now why is it that my waist is measuring more than it did before the weekend???

Thanks Leonie and all who played.

April 8th entry by request:

I was asked by the lovely Tracy for the recipe to the soup so here it is, now the quantities are for making a huge pot of soup, my pot was 200mm deep and 290mm in diameter, I dont know what to call this soup but when I set out to make it I wanted a tomatoey flavoured soup with pork bones in it:

(Bridget's Country Soup)
1 leek chopped finely
3 tbsp oil (any kind)

Saute above on slow heat until well cooked

2 pkt Pork ribs cut in strips (ones with bones)
the secret to good soup is meat with bones
1 knob of ginger 1" in diameter
4 beef stock cubes
4 cloves garlic

Add above to pot and stir until meat is browned

* 2 corn cobs cut into 1 inch chunks 
* 1 punnet small round tomatoes
2 cups small pasta shells
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can creamed corn
1 can corn kernels
140g tomato paste
1 can chick peas
2 carrots diced
2 sprigs fresh oregano
1 sprig of 100mm length fresh rosemary
1 bundle fresh continental parsley chopped
* 1/2 a head of cauliflower cut up into bite size pieces

Add water to cover all ingredients with a bit of room to move when stirring, 
so about 1 inch of water above the ingredients
Add all of the above to pot and cook on medium heat for 2 hours or until meat falls off bone

The asterisked ingredients I just found in my fridge, you could also add carrots or beans but I didnt have any, basically any vegetables in your fridge when you are trying to clean it out is a good time to make this soup LOL. What I normally like doing is putting in left overs of meals I have made for example, tonight we are going to have tacos and the recipe is yummy but I am waiting for my cousin Debbie in Canada to facebook me back for the recipe her fiance makes which is delicious.