Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last post for awhile

One more post before I go into hospital on Sep 17th to get my right shoulder
rotato cuff repaired and then it will be 2 months of intense
recovery to get back to semi normal again and the use of my ever
dependent right hand. I never realised how useless my left hand
was until I tried not using my right hand with it.
It's role is very much a supporting one.

I am hoping to lose some weight in the process LOL
I can't see myself biting open packets of cup a soup
or I'll be paying lots of HELP ME visits to my neighbours

This last weekend was a very sad one for me,
my neighbours in Sydney were involved in a
tragic car accident and were killed, one
instantly and one a few hours later in hospital,
they left 3 children. They were a lovely couple and will be
missed by all the neighbours.
RIP Nove and Mira

I made this card for their children
Yesterday I found out one of my neighbours' husband
passed away of cancer, he is now at peace
RIP David

The card below is a pop up card I made at MSG
thanks to the tuition of Deidre and her generosity
in sharing her templates with us.
So have a great creating time all of you out there
as soon as I recover I'll get stuck into cardmaking
and as many Christmas cards I can make
I have designs in my head and stamps to go with them
just need a pair of good hands to work with