Friday, May 1, 2009

Convention Day 1, part 5, swap cards given by attendees to Stampin' Up

These cards were put into baskets by attendees for Stampin' Up head office, apologies for the reflections, I wish I could have taken the plastic bags off it so I could get better pictures but with so many people waiting to take photos it would be extremely selfish of me to do that and hold everyone up. Some were absolutely gorgeous, many attendees who came and didn't do swaps were kicking themselves when they saw all the beautiful and exquisite designs.
even if you have to do what I did and stay up till midnight 
and then again sit in the car and finish them off before doors open LOL 

..........................that's it folks for day 1 and I am going to bed because I am sooooo tired (note to self never leave it to the end to finish off swaps and then get up and continue)

Now I've had to put each page up and display them singly because viewers that have dial up would have a problem as there are lots of photos for each entry so if you have come to this page for the first time you would have missed the other 4 entries


sandi said...

I LOVE the owl card, that must have been another LNSconvention09 member, LOL. Might have to case that little guy.
Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us.

Treasure Queen said...

Thanks so much Bridget for all this information - great for those who could not get to Canberra!

Bev Mantle said...

Thanks Bridget now I don't feel so left out....looking forward to next lot of entries. Thanks again for sharing.

Raewyn said...

Thanks for taking so much time to load all of these and tell us about your wonderful weekend.
I was wondering why you had been so quiet these past few days ;-)
Cards are great :-)