Sunday, May 3, 2009

Convention Day 2 part 15 card displays

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if any of these cards are yours and you'd like me to link it back
to you and your blog, send me an 
email or place a comment 
at the end of the page and let me know
I'd love to marry you up to your creation

.............for some reason my blog is dying on me, it wont let me load, I am halfway through uploading the banquet dinner, maybe the traffic flow has overwhelmed my blog, I myself am overwhelmed that you are all so interested in seeing these card ideas and my account of my first stamping convention. 

I have put all these photos I took up on my blog for my own personal reference and am so glad that you have all enjoy
ed the journey with me.

On the last page of the convention posts I would like to invite you to submit your comments on the convention entries, tell me what you think and what was your favourite display/card idea, I will then draw a name out from all those comments and the winner will receive a gift from memento mall, I wont tell you what you will win, you will have to see it in the mail. You'll have to check back to see if you are the winner if you have posted a comment ON THE LAST PAGE and then contact me with your address.

............come back tomorrow and see more updates and my thoughts on convention, some of you have asked me via email what I thought of convention and whether it is worth it, I will also be posting things I learnt at the workshops, have a great evening, I now need some much needed rest and relaxation, I am still on a high as this has sent unbelievable excitement through my whole being.

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Melissa Antolovic said...

Thanks Bridget for sharing all this convention news I've been constantly checking here for your new updates