Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hints and tips

I thought I would start this post probably just so I remember all these tips I have tried and find that it is helpful.

Punches - I put abit of orange oil on a tissue and rub it around the inside of the punch on the underside and it seems to get another lease of life. I have never tried to punch the foil or sandpaper through it so never knew it if worked but have read that eventually it will blunt your punch.

Rotary cutters - I rub the same orange oil over the rotary blade of my cutter being very careful as those suckers are very sharp even though they cut paper bluntly after much use and that seems to revive them as well, also if you have a cutter mat you can turn it around 4 times and get more use out of them.

Cuttlebug embossing dies - I found that if you apply the double sided tape to your cardstock before you put it in for embossing you will find the ds tape adheres better than when it is embossed. (This hint won me some cool papers in the Australian Stamping and Papercraft magazine).

I have also found some cool websites with tutorials and one of my favourite is Kristine Werner, here is a link to a tutorial page she has up my favourite is on how to tie a ribbon which is the best I have seen so far