Friday, May 1, 2009

Convention Day 1, part 2 Memento Mall

This is the ID bag we were given, it held out entry card with our name and the track we were on, it folds in half, on the backside it two zipper sections so you can put your credit card and money in it or your keys. I love these bags, they must be an American thing because I got one last year on the Tim Holtz cruise.
This is the goodie bag we got, its like a satchel and holds quite a bit.
This is what was inside, a pen with CELEBRATE printed on it in blue, 
a chapstick with Stampin' Up printed on it and one of our stamps, a CELEBRATE pin.
This is my stash including swap cards I got, I managed to make 120, I was up until midnight and had to get up at 5am and sat in the car outside the convention centre finishing them off LOL, 
I will never do that again.
This is the umbrella at Memento mall, if you like it phone whoever you know who is at convention and ask them to buy you one, it cost $19.95 and has the Fifth Avenue Floral and a rose design on it.
Water bottle only in pink for $11.95, 
DSP swatch which measures 3"x 3" $31.95, 
Memo Pad this was smaller than I expected, the papers measure 3"x 3" $11.95
and the whole pad is 3.75 "x 4.5", 
Pencil case in green only measure 8.5"x 4" $9.95
Keychain pocket calculator measures 2"x 2.75"$9.95 (and it works)

These cute little pens come 3 in a packet $7.95 I think

There was a pink apron for $39.95 I think and the brown cardi you all saw at sneak peak. A green shirt and a blue shirt which I didn't get any of the clothes except the brown cardi as it had elbow length sleeves and is great for those autumn or spring days, I took a thick jacket and had to strip off and wear the brown cardi which comes down to my hips.

...............coming up cardes and layouts that were sent into head office for convention display

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Fiona said...

Thankyou for showing so much from convention, wishin I was there ... but off to do a SU workshop tonight, instead.