Friday, May 1, 2009

Convention Day 1, part 1

WOW is all I can say about my first Australian Convention held right here in my home state of Canberra. All the hype that everyone has been sharing that have attended a convention, is to be believed by being there in person. I am so glad I went.

You check in and get your goodies bag and a catalogue and programme and award badge if you qualified.

This is the billboard advertising the conference, it gave me goosebumps seeing it up there, 
can you tell I'm proud to be associated with this company!
Ellen Vest, Bridget Larsen (Me), my upline Leilani Sugay waiting to get in
Ros Vest and her group (I was a ring in)
Leilani and I in front of the stage
The programme brochure

Aaron was first up or was that last, anyway he did his speel and tried to get some response from us (we were all cold, it was foggy in Canberra today, they took the sun they gave us yesterday away), so at the end of his speech he did a little dance and boy did he get us all laughing.

Shelli on stage, she doesn't look old enough to be a grandma with 17 grandkids. She just looks gorgeous, see what stamping does for you.?

There were slides to accompany Shelli's address, we got to see Stampin' Up headquarters and all the areas and the beautiful building that was built on 55 acres and the building looks timeless and magnificent, this sent goosebumps through me. She praised us demonstrators and let us know how precious and like family we are are (more goosebumps). Then I can't remember what else she said LOL.

Then we got a demonstration from Shannon West from the home office who is also a demonstrator, she showed us 2 step stamping and using the aqua brush to give that water colour look using stamp pad and markers very cool especially when the in colours do not have markers.

We got Jill Kocherhans from the home office doing the next demonstration, she is so funny and good at what she does.

Since last convention Australia has had 990 new demonstrators and 1778 active demonstrators. New Zealand has 251 demonstrators to date.

We have these little wrist tags that were colour and design coded and twice they chose a design and colour and if you had that you stood up and danced around to some catchy music and got a stamp set.

..........coming up MEMENTO MALL


S Campbell said...

Thanks for your update and photo for us that haven't made it this year. Bring on more...

sandi said...

Oh Bridget, it sounds like you are having so much fun, good for you and thank you for sharing all the pictures.

Pam Hodges said...

Hi Bridget,
When I saw your 2nd picture with Ellen Vest, I just knew she must know/be related to Roslyn! My husband had a 3 month job in Canberra 2 years ago, & my daughter & I were able to go over for 3 weeks in the middle of his time over there. I got to stamp with Roslyn & friends - everyone was so nice! Roslyn was a new demo at the time & getting ready to go to her 1st convention. I've been a demo for almost 8 years now. We had a lovely time sharing & stamping together! Say hi to Ros next time you see her & tell her I think of her often! Smiles,
Pam Hodges, Cherry Valley, IL USA