Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday 10 minute card challenge

I've been following Sandi MacIver and Carole'Anne Sluchinski
blogs and they are doing a 10 minute challenge very Thursday.
Well today is Thursday in Australia and a day ahead of
both of them and they didn't start the challenge publicly yet
or invite me but I thought I'd do it anyway hee hee

I decided to take an old favourite and time how long
it took me to make, I am also making this for a swap
so why not use my time wisely and kill 2 birds with one
hee hee

My ingredients are:
Stamps: Embrace Life, En francais
(see Carole' Anne I picked a French one just for you tee hee)

Gel Pen, Pretty in Pink taffeta ribbon, crimper, Stamp a majig
Cardstock: Rose Red, Whisper White, Pretty in Pink
Inkpad: Rose Red

Ink up En Francais with Rose Red ink

Sorry about the dirty sheet behind

Run through crimper

Line up acetate sheet that has Embrace Life
stamped on it

Line up second image with acetate sheet

Colour flower with gel pen and ...........

............daub edge of all three card stock

Voila my 10 minute card

Here's another one I had made earlier using the
Pretties kit embellishments

Card done in 10 minutes

I even had time to make a cup of tea, well making
this card was on the spur of the moment as you
can see from my desk, I had no time to clean up
and had forgotten I put the kettle on to boil
so halfway through all this the kettle was boiling
like mad and I had to jump over to the kitchen
and brew the tea.

I did not believe that these ladies could
make a card and photo graph it in 10 mins,
well had I not done it myself I now believe its possible.

Here's another titbit
its taken me less than an hour to
make the card
photograph them, even outside,
PSP my watermark on every photo
upload and write this segment up

It's so good to not be under stress, I am taking this time before
my surgery to just play and I've created a
storm of cards,
I'll upload more cards I've made soon

Thanks Sandi and Carole'Anne


Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway said...

Ahw Bridget.............
I want to say
Mercie........ for picking the En Francais for me! you made me smile really really big.
whow your rock my Australian Friend!
you did such an amazing job, and you are formally invited!
I need to learn from you!
Whowhie! (that the french version LOL )
You are so good!
thank you so much for sharing!

Bridget Larsen said...

Learn from me!!!!
I have a lot to learn from you especially that colouring, I suck at colouring, but I am working on it right hang five my French Friend!!

sandi maciver said...

Howdy down under. Awesome job on this card, wowza. Thanks for playing along and glad to hear you're having some fun stamping time before your surgery. I see on your work table you are building more of your beautiful C.D.'s having seen one of those beauties in real life, the gals you're swapping with are in for a treat.
Hugs Girlfriend.

Wilson Workshop said...

I love following cards in 10 minutes. This is a fantastic version and has inspired me to create. I need simple WOW cards for new stampers. This is it! So beautiful.

Bridget Larsen said...

Thank you WW, I am so glad I could inspire you to go forth and share

Peggy said...

Hi Bridget
thanks for becoming a follower to my blog - I enjoyed visiting yours and hope to pop back soon. I'm honored to have someone from down under following my blog!!

Karen said...

beautiful card Brdiget!! love the touch of the gel pen to the flowers and the crimping!!